We fly to more than 120 cities worldwide from our 2 hubs in Portugal (Lisbon and Porto), 1 hub in the North of Africa (Algiers) and 1 hub in Central Europe (Brussels), with a large spectrum of routes, primarily having the European continent as a goal, but with a broad range of destinations connecting to the five continents.

Nowadays strategic connections for a portuguese hub are served directly, like Beijing, Washington, New York, Caracas (the center of a big portuguese diaspora), Dubai or Singapore, along with Sydney, with one stop at Dili, East Timor. Other major world hubs are also served non-stop from Lisbon, this way expanding connectivities, like Atlanta or Los Angeles (in the US), Frankfurt, Heathrow, Paris and Rome (in Europe) or São Paulo (in South America).


To perform this,

Trans European Airways, VAG has a service of a dedicated fleet of Airbus® ranging from the A319 to the marvellous A340-600 electronic aircraft.